Kitchen Trends on the Rise for 2021

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Kitchen redesigns provide homeowners with a wealth of possibilities. They can redefine their home’s entire feel with a few stylistic changes to their kitchen that sets a specific tone in one of the most frequented rooms of their home. Taking the time to plan out how they want their kitchen to look goes a long way towards establishing their home’s feel. During the winter months, homeowners tend to shy away from doing large scale kitchen renovation projects to not conflict with the holidays. With these projects getting moved to 2021, homeowners can look at the kitchen trends on the rise for the new year.

Five kitchen trends from the year 2021

Trend #1 – Kitchen Sustainability

This kind of sustainability goes beyond having a compost system in your backyard; it comes from a place where homeowners consider the environmental impact their home has on their surrounding ecosystem. Homeowners can utilize appliances and kitchen items that are more energy-efficient and use products made out of sustainable materials like bamboo. 

Trend #2 – A Pop of Color

Kitchen’s of years past tended to be on the monochromatic and neutral end of the color spectrum. Blacks, greys, whites, and browns dominated kitchen aesthetics across the country. However, going into 2021, kitchens could begin to see the addition of pops of color. These statement shades help give your kitchen space a unique identity in relation to the rest of your house and make your time spent in the kitchen more varied. 

Trend #3 – Alternatives to Marble and Granite

While marble and granite kitchen countertops have stayed on top of the market for years, homeowners have begun to see additional options on the market. One such alternative gaining traction is quartz. Quartz offers an upscale and contemporary aesthetic for your kitchen with minimal upkeep.

Trend #4 – Minimalist Cabinets 

Minimalism has been gaining popularity in overall home design in recent years; it was only a matter of time before it came to the kitchen. Cabinets with clean lines, sheer surfaces, and single colors have become the most sought after trend heading into 2021. 

Trend #5 – Showcasing Personality

In the past, backsplashes were used to be extensions of the overall color palette of the kitchen. However, homeowners are beginning to utilize the backsplash to give their kitchens an additional dose of personality. These backsplashes can use various colors and designs to give homeowners a new outlet to give their kitchen a bespoke touch. 

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