Should I Paint, Reface, or Replace My Kitchen Cabinets?

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If you’re looking for a way to bring your kitchen firmly into the 21st century, a kitchen cabinet makeover may be just the home improvement project you need. Dated styles typically clash with modern appliances, while old-fashioned paint colors probably don’t pair well with contemporary decor. Kitchen cabinet makeovers come in three forms — painting, refacing, and replacing — and each one has its own perks and drawbacks. Fortunately, Lancaster Kitchens and Baths can help with solutions to fit your lifestyle and budget.

An infographic displaying the differences between painting, refacing, and replacing kitchen cabinets

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting or refinishing kitchen cabinets is the most economical way to makeover your space, providing a relatively quick and straightforward way to update your home since it doesn’t require significant renovation. However, you do need to do the proper prep work to ensure that paint adheres well and choose the right type of paint or finish to prevent peeling and warping. Also, painted surfaces tend to attract grease and grime, so you need to select a paint that holds up well to frequent wipe downs. For all these reasons, our kitchen remodeling specialists stand at the ready to help with professional kitchen cabinet paint jobs.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Refacing kitchen cabinets splits the middle between painting and replacement. More expensive than a paint job and less costly than a full kitchen cabinet replacement, refacing has the advantage of modernizing the style without changing the framework at all. In addition to replacing the doors, refacing professionals like our specialists also typically change out all the hardware to complete the makeover. Keep in mind that refacing only works if your kitchen framework is still in good shape. If the structure is too soft to secure new screws, replacing your kitchen cabinets may be necessary.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

The advantages of kitchen cabinet replacement are apparent — you get a completely fresh look and a sturdy new framework designed to stand the test of time. However, kitchen cabinet replacement is typically the most expensive kitchen makeover solution, and it typically requires more downtime. Additionally, since kitchen cabinet replacement is such a big project, you need to consider other changes that may be necessary within the next decade and be sure to choose styles and hues that match with more modern kitchen countertops and appliances if you don’t plan on replacing old ones right now.

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