Should You Install a Second Sink in Your Bathroom?

A bathroom with two sinks.

Your bathroom should be a source of comfort and calm throughout your day. Before heading out into the world to run errands and go to work, you spend time getting ready, brushing your teeth, performing your skincare routine, and generally starting your morning off on the right foot. However, if multiple people share a single bathroom, it can quickly become a jumble of products and disorganization that brings your momentum to a screeching halt. 

Finding ways to optimize your bathroom routines can do wonders if you’re tired of your mornings getting derailed. For example, some have found that adding an additional sink has worked wonders for their shared space. But before you call the bathroom installation experts in Lancaster, PA, to install an additional one, you should answer this question — should you install a second sink in your master bathroom?

The Benefits of a Second Sink

For people in a multi-person home, fighting for space in the bathroom can feel like a war of attrition. You and your partner work hard to delineate space where you can have room to house your products. However, a single sink can quickly feel cluttered and confused with so many items placed around the bowl or in a medicine cabinet. Adding a second sink can help alleviate this spatial issue. 

Add More Space

Adding a second sink for your spouse gives you both enough space to spread your products out and have a designated area for everything. You can organize your toiletries how you like them and not worry about getting anything mixed up. 

Stay Out of Each Other’s Way

Whether it’s the first thing in the morning or you’re getting ready to head out and meet up with friends, more than one person getting ready in a single bathroom often feels chaotic. You’re stepping over each other trying to make final adjustments, or you have to wait for one at a time to get fully ready, slowing your arrival time down considerably. Fortunately, a second sink can help you free up space and make getting ready more efficient. 

You and your partner each have a sink to prepare, make final adjustments, be out the door, and be on time for a change. A second installation helps ensure you keep your routine as efficient as possible. 

Improve Your Organization 

Your skincare routine can range from a daily multi-step process to a simple face wash and a dream. Whatever your process looks like, keeping your toiletries organized and separate from your partner’s can quickly become a nightmare if you share a single sink and vanity. Installing a second sink can help ensure you both can organize your products as you see fit and avoid misplacing things because of the sheer volume of stuff on your counter space. 

One Important Thing to Consider Before Installing a Two-Sink System

While you may be feeling the draw of installing a two-sink system in your bathroom, one crucial factor you need to remember before contacting your sink installation contractors in Lancaster, PA — is how much space your bathroom has. Due to the new setup, you don’t want your bathroom to feel too cluttered. If your room isn’t wide enough to accommodate the larger unit, it can do more harm than good to your morning routine. 

Consulting the Lancaster Kitchen and Bath team before you begin your installation project can help you hammer out the finer details before you sink too much of your hard-earned money into it. Our expertly trained staff can help ensure you get the appropriately sized sink that fits your unique needs. Contact us to receive your free estimate from our bathroom remodeling contractors today!