Caring For Your Butcher Block Countertop

Clean butcher block countertop

Even if you haven’t been shopping for replacement countertops, you’ve likely noticed that butcher block countertops are having their moment in the spotlight right now, and for good reason! Since they’re made from treated natural wood, they can instantly add a bright and rustic feel to any kitchen or dining space. These spiffy, sleek wood countertops do require a bit more hands-on maintenance, but with just a little TLC, you can keep your new home addition looking great for years to come! Consider this your all-in-one guide on how to care for butcher block countertops. 

Keep it Clean

The number one way to care for a butcher block countertop is to keep it clean. You don’t want to leave gunk, grime, or food scraps sitting on the wood, since they can cause damage to the finish. Don’t let water sit on it, either — this is another countertop no-no. When you’re finished with your food prep or family meal, wipe the countertop clean with a damp washcloth. If it needs additional cleaning, you can add a tiny bit of mild dish soap (and nothing else) or scour it using a bit of fine-grit sandpaper. It’s a smart idea to keep the surface clean every day so there’s no need to do intensive cleaning later on. Speaking of dish soap, it’s important to always…

Use Chemicals Wisely

Harsh cleaning products can destroy butcher block counters. That’s why you should stick to mild soap and water until it’s time to sanitize. In order to sanitize your countertop after it’s had raw meat or other unclean items sitting on it, you can mix one part water with one part white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the counter lightly, then wipe the mixture away with a damp cloth.

Don’t Chop on the Counter

Whether your butcher block countertop serves as a kitchen island or you have one around the sink, never cut food directly on the counter. Always use cutting boards to protect the wood from sharp kitchen knives. By taking the time to use a cutting board, you’ll be preserving your counter against scrapes and scratches, which will keep it beautiful for longer. And no, paper towels don’t count — they aren’t enough of a barrier. 

Oil it Regularly

In order to maintain your countertop’s beauty and durability, only oil it using high-quality butcher block oil. Make sure to find the right food-grade mineral oil designed for butcher block countertops (or wooden cutting boards) since your counter will come into contact with food. After the initial installation, you may need to oil your countertop every few months, but after a few years, you can do so once or twice a year depending on how dry it becomes. Lightly sanding your countertop to remove dirt will make it dryer, so you will need to oil the butcher block counter more frequently if you find yourself sanding it often.

Ready For a Kitchen Renewal?

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