What Factors Into the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel?

A pair of male hands outlining a bathroom in which the middle is hand-drawn to show the potential renovation ideas

We start and end our days in the bathroom. This space is a bit of a sanctuary — a place where we can be ourselves, prep for what’s ahead, and shed the stress of the day. Because it’s such a central part of our homes, it should be comfortable, inviting, and uniquely ours. If your bathroom could use some love, a bathroom remodel may be precisely what you need.

Because bathroom remodeling projects can be expensive, it’s important to plan ahead — that way, you will know you’re spending your money in all the right places. For example, you’ll know if you should invest in a new layout or bathroom fixtures in your Lancaster, PA, home. Consider how the following factors could affect your budget for a bathroom remodel.


Does your bathroom have a wall separating the shower from the toilet that makes the space feel tight? If you want to knock this wall down to create an open floor plan, you’ll need to realize that these extreme measures will cost more. Perhaps, you don’t want to take down a wall, but put one up so you can have a dedicated showering or makeup area. Whatever your wishes, know that changes to your bathroom layout will significantly increase your remodeling expenses.


If you change the layout of your bathroom, you may need to factor in the costs of repiping to accommodate the new placement of toilets, sinks, and showers. Updating or moving plumbing fixtures can be pretty expensive. That’s why it’s essential to speak with your bathroom remodeler to get an accurate estimate of plumbing work costs. They may even be able to suggest ways to cut back on the overall costs and still get you the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.


Just like with your plumbing, electrical expenses can add up quickly. This is especially true if you move anything to redesign the layout or install new lights. However, if you simply replace lighting fixtures or switches, it will be much more affordable while still giving your bathroom a refreshed look.


You don’t always need an intense bathroom remodel to achieve a luxurious bathroom. Sometimes, simply replacing the plumbing fixtures can be enough to revamp this space. A new faucet, toilet, or showerhead can transform your bathroom into a private oasis without requiring a steep budget.


When it comes to bathroom cabinetry, you have several options available. The good news is that they come at different price points, so you can give your bathroom a new look with pre-made cabinets while keeping your total costs of remodeling low. However, if you go this route, you will need to consider that cheaper cabinets may not hold up as well in a moist environment like a bathroom, and you may need to replace them sooner than more expensive cabinetry.

It’s important to consider the materials of the cabinets before making a final decision. For example, cabinets made of real or synthetic wood are more expensive than cabinets made of plastic. Also, if you decide to customize the cabinets, expect to pay a little more.


When it comes to creating a specific style in your bathroom, you’re likely thinking about the finishes you want. These include items like countertops and backsplash tiles. Some finishes are not cheap, but they stand up to the test of time.

When remodeling your bathroom, consider the look and feel you want to create. For an upscale, luxurious appearance, you may want to go with marble or stone countertops. If you like a classic look, you can go with cheaper finishes, such as laminate or granite countertops. It helps to know the look you are going for before coming up with a budget because there may be more affordable ways to achieve the style you’re going after.


If you’re already planning a bathroom renovation, now is the time to splurge a little. You can transform your bathroom into a spa with amenities like heated floors, towel warmers, or jet tubs. Of course, these items can come with a steep price tag, so you may want to choose only one for this remodel.

Create Your Dream Bathroom

If you’re ready to undertake a home improvement project this year, consider revamping your master bathroom. It’s your own little haven, and you deserve to feel like you’re being pampered every time you enter the room. Just be sure to consider the average cost of a bathroom remodel before starting any work so that you can choose all the right design elements that will help you achieve your dream space.

When professional bathroom contractors in Lancaster, PA, do the remodel, you’ll see that the project was well worth every penny. Contact Lancaster Kitchens and Baths today to begin discussing your bathroom remodel.